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What is Executive Coaching?

We live in a world that is becoming much more demanding.
Most people are looking to achieve goals, sustain healthy career progression and be happy whilst simultaneously growing and developing as an individual.

Are you looking for a way to achieve permanent change?

Have you struggled with breaking self-limiting habits and want to replace them with new ones?

Have you ever fallen short on achieving goals due to lack of discipline or support?

Do you want to set and achieve new goals to improve your relationship, your career, your finances, your health or your overall lifestyle?

stopwatch Now you may well be thinking, "Here is another process or program that will supposedly change my life!"

You may also be wondering "Is this really for me?"

At this point all we ask is that you remain open minded and recognize that life and business coaching is an advanced method of interaction that produces results for a client far quicker than if the client worked alone. The coaching service has been designed to assist people to achieve greater control over their personal performance levels and future destiny.

Personalized one-on-one coaching and mentoring… a lifestyle, business and success coach for the mind, body and soul.

A life and business coach…a disciplined approach to creating breakthroughs!

quotation markI first met Richard in 2007 while completing a Stress Management course; I found him interesting, engaging, very knowledgeable and practical in dealing with distress and developing proactive optimism. I felt that I connected with him straight away.Following that first meeting I arranged various staff and my wife to complete the Stress Management course with Richard. He also spoke at our 2007 National Conference where he discussed stress management and being the best you can be...needless to say he had a major impact on many of my team that day. 
Over the last fourteen months I have been using Richard as a personal coach and thus far this has been an incredible journey with many more miles to travel  Not only has it been a time of development for me both personally and professionally, more importantly  I now feel  I better understand what I need to work on not only to be a better person professionally but also as a father, son and husband.  I feel Richard has a great ability to listen and then understand who you are and why you are that way, he then provides you with the steps to work towards your goals.  Over the last few months I have really felt a change in my personal happiness and have found a greater understanding of what is important to me and what my future goals are. quotation mark

Peter Hughes, Managing Director, Lotus Folding Walls & Doors Pty Ltd

quotation markWhether Richard is facilitating a group event or providing one-on-one management coaching his passion, creative thinking and depth of knowledge shines through. He constantly challenges individuals to stretch themselves whilst providing a safe and encouraging environment in which to reflect and develop. When he makes a commitment he follows through, but he expects the same high level of commitment from his clients.

I first met Richard when he was facilitating a course at the Australian Institute of Management. That and subsequent meetings have led to a very productive phase in my professional and personal growth.

If you are looking for a committed and dynamic professional management coach Richard is one of the best.quotation mark

Neil Meadowcroft, Creative Solutions Engineer

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"Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experiences of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, vision cleared, ambition inspired, and success achieved"

Indira Gandhi

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