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“A value is something that gives us strength, something that is very important to us, something we feel strongly about, something worth standing up for, something that gives life meaning"


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Millionaire CoachMillionaire Coach

How to achieve a Millionaire Mindset and Have it All.

What if you changed just one thing that resulted in phenomenal success and altered your life forever?
Behind so many successful people is a coach. Whether you are wanting to simply take yourself to the next level or completely transform your life you need to read this book.

Price: AUS $30.00 

Now I Understand BookNow I Understand

Now I Understand” is a powerful book of succinct thoughts and insights that will change your life. Written by Roger Anthony the guru behind the “Crocodiles not Waterlilies” self leadership program.

Simple yet undeniably true statements that will move you to the core.

Price: AUS $40.00 


The Business Athlete CDThe Business Athlete CD

This simple yet dynamic presentation outlines the amazing “training rituals” that are essential to achieving a consistent standard of “excellence” in all aspects of corporate and business performance.

Imagine…a simple formula for success in both life and business!
There are four key areas that link together to provide the foundation for sustained and improved performance:

  • Physical rituals
  • Emotional rituals
  • Mental rituals
  • Spiritual rituals

Learn how to maximise each of these variables to ensure that you get the outcomes you desire with more power, frequency, accuracy and success.
This information is crucial to the success of any individual and host team and allows people to look at the rituals and behaviours that they have and to decide which of their habits is success orientated and which are harmful and non-productive rituals that should be changed.
Remember your clock is ticking…..


AUS $40.00

How to get what you want CDHow to Get What You Want CD

The process of getting exactly what you want is not difficult and achievable by anyone who has the desire to do so. This CD outlines the “Seven Steps of Mastery” that allows you to change any situation or system in your life so that it functions more effectively and efficiently and takes you to where you want to go…pronto!

The CD also discusses aspects of effective assertive behaviour and its powerful impact on your destiny, goals and targets.

A sensational tool to assist you to establish exactly what you as a unique individual require from your life to allow you to experience the best your existence has to offer.

Be prepared to look at your life and make some simple but courageous decisions to propel you into your wonderful future.


AUS $40.00

How to turn distress into excitement CDHow to Turn Distress into Excitement CD

Mastering stress seems a complex task yet nothing could be further from the truth! Learn the simple skills that will assist you to change your entire physiological response to a difficult situation and become more attuned to your emotions and thinking processes. Understand the power of your emotional system and how it can alert you to impending issues and steer you toward better outcomes.

The CD also includes two relaxation techniques that teach you how to become both physically and mentally relaxed and then induce this state whenever you wish. There is even more fascinating information to be learned on other skills and strategies of distress management.


AUS $40.00

Mastering Stress CDMastering Stress CD

This CD program provides an insight and review process for the Toughness Training seminar which is a one day program on how to live the life you want and be tough and persistent about getting it right. The information had been designed to be of enormous value as a compliment to the program or as a stand alone behaviour change mechanism.

Feeling distress is an essential learning tool for understanding how we think about situations.


AUS $40.00

Integrity & Values Profiling Instrument

Integrity & Values Profiling Instrument

Maintaining our integrity is a moment by moment occurrence. In each moment and with each interaction we make a choice as to whether we honour our values and beliefs. When we are under pressure this takes courage and at times we fail to live up to our own values. The major issue is not that we fail, but how quickly we take responsibility for our own actions to correct our mistakes.

This is just one of the measures of the “Integrity and Values Profiling System”. It identifies a person’s ability to be honest with themselves, it bench marks them against a peer group of managers and importantly it gives powerful feedback for positive action for personal and team improvement.

The investment includes an hour debrief session over the telephone with an accredited Integrity and Values consultant. This appointment will provide you with the insights required to take powerful action on improving your performance in life and business.


AUS $1600.00

360 Degree Leadership Perspective Evaluation Form

360 degree leadership form

This survey is a very comprehensive document and allows you to establish your personal level of self-mastery as well as others assessment of your abilities in this area. The survey involves you enlisting the support of seven people that span your current life and business experience so that they can anonymously report on your competencies and any areas that according to their perception may need your attention.


AUS $1,500.00

Myers Briggs Type Indicator

MBTI Self-Scorable Form M

Myers Briggs Type IndicatorThe Myers Briggs Type Indicator is regarded as the most accurate and scientifically researched personality inventory available. The major purpose of Myers Briggs Type Indicator assessment is to establish that much seemingly random variation in behaviour and thinking is actually quite orderly and consistent, being due to basic differences in the way individuals prefer to use their perception and judgement. Basically understanding more about why and how you think about things in certain ways.

Self-scorable form M was developed to allow people to complete the personality inventory quickly and expediently and to provide results that were easy to interpret and reduced the chance of misinterpretation of the scores.

The completion of this form is ideally followed up with a discussion with the individual to clarify exactly what the report has detailed and to ensure that there is a sound understanding of the personality preferences identified and how they relate to you and your behavioural preferences.


AUS $300.00

Coaching Cards

Coaching Cards

Coaching cards

Coaching cards are quick and effective insights into how to propel yourself further as a leader in life and business.

The range currently includes:

  • How to Get What You Want (Assertiveness)
  • How to Turn Distress Into Excitement (Stress Management)
  • The Business Athlete (High Performance Rituals)


AUS $10.00 per card