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“A Webinar is a transmission of an audio and visual media file scheduled at a particular time or on demand over the Internet. The content comes from a single source to multiple viewers simultaneously and usually requires a headset or speakers to listen to the audio.” Wikipedia 2011.

Webinars, simply put, are like web based workshops and seminars.

Webinars are increasing in popularity as they save time and money and are often more easily accessible than conventional seminars.If your business has regular meetings and is committed to professional development workshops then using a webinar is more cost effective than a seminar because people don’t have to travel – this means that they spend less time out of the office because they can attend webinars from their own office.

The other main advantage of a webinar is that you can save all the information and lectures for updating and adding information as necessary. Even better, the Webinar format allows attendees to ask questions and give feedback, and, although Webinars are typically held as live events, they’re also usually archived so anyone who isn’t available during the event can review it at a later time. 

It is, without doubt, the learning methodology of the future.   

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