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The Integrity and Values Profiling System is a workplace performance enhancing system based on identifying specific values within a person that allows their strengths to be utilised and their weaknesses to be managed and improved.

It is a powerful aid in recruiting and selecting key talent who can contribute to the formation of a positive culture. In addition, the profile can be used as an invaluable tool in coaching, succession planning, team and leadership development and mentoring in changing organisations.

Take the guesswork out - verify your "gut" instinct 

The Integrity and Values Profiling System can be used for a variety of purposes. It takes the guess work out of decision making, and will often verify your "gut" instinct. It is a tool that provides comprehensive data, thereby giving a solid basis on which to make informed people decisions.

It highlights developmental and coaching focus areas for individuals and provides leaders with unique insights enabling them to further support and grow their people. The tool also provides a "map" to create soid succession plans for leaders and their organisations.

The Integrity and Values Profiling System provides results in six key areas. These are...

  • Personal Integrity and Values
  • Self Management
  • Work or Task Focus
  • Relationship Management
  • Vision
  • Impression Management

The Integrity Profiling System depicts the following key areas:

  • What the individual's 'default style' is under pressure
  • What their personal level of integrity is
  • How they manage themselves, their work and their relationships
  • How forward thinking they are
  • How honest they are about themselves and
  • How hard they workto make an impression whether good or bad

You will also find out a number of other valuable pieces of information, such as:

  • Role suitability
  • The desire to do a job after the honeymoon period (three to twelve months) is over
  • Alerts the manager to potential negative attitudes or tendancies that can be verified during a conversation
  • The Integrity and Values Profiling System is backed by a manual that provides interpretation of each trait, interview questions and powerful questions to ask referees
  • Assess a person's likely contribution to another person's success, thereby making it possible to predict the individual's degree of team spirit
  • Provides insight into how this person will lead if they are required to lead and inspire a team

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The Integrity and Values Profiling System is designed to give you the unique opportunity to gather objective information about your existing or new potential team members that will enable you to form more effective coaching and mentoring strategies and builds a "success" oriented team.

Completing the questionnaire:

  • Online
  • 17 - 27 minutes
  • Profile received by email
  • Telephone briefing by an accredited licensee of Integrity and Values
  • By appointment you can have a 2 hour coaching session on your results


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