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"Crocodiles not Waterlilies - Living According to your Unique Design and Control your Future"

Human beings are the most powerful organisms on the planet yet we fail to embrace our power and often live a fraction of our true potential. 

This keynote shows you how to change and be the powerful individual you were meant to be.

"How to be a World Class Business Athlete - Powerful Strategies for Controlling your Level of Income, Impact and Independence"

This keynote presentation explores the relationship between peak performance and powerful self-leadership rituals in all aspects of life and business performance.

Harvard Business Review 2001 identified four key areas that link together to provide the foundation for high level performance:

  • Physical rituals
  • Emotional rituals
  • Mental and Behavioural rituals
  • Spiritual rituals

Learn how to combine each of these variables efficiently and effectively to ensure that you get the outcomes you both deserve and desire with more frequency and intensity.

"Turning Distress into Excitement - Seven Simple Steps to Become Happy and Healthy...for the Rest of Your Life"

This entertaining and motivating keynote provides an extraordinary insight into the skill of turning distress into excitement and the concepts that everyone must understand before they can begin to renegotiate their own relationship with stress.

The real skill is to learn to use stress to your advantage in every situation that you encounter and this can be achieved through the use of simple "universal" principles that change your existing paradigms.
Learn the simple steps to long term peace, fulfillment and contentment that everyone craves but few master and a life that most dream of but few experience.

"How to Get What You Want from People Who Don't Want You to Have It - Practical and Powerful Skills to Get Stuff"

Whether your focus is life or business success - getting what you want from your life is your perogative and understanding the skills of how to get it is crucial.

This amazing seminar explains in a simple process the fundamental skills that are required to achieve this. You will learn how to have tough conversations and get the outcomes that you want.

Individually Tailored Keynotes:

Organisations often require a speaker to open a conference but want to address specific issues that are confronting the business at that present time.
It is possible with a detailed brief to design a keynote that will specifically address any issues that are relevant at the time and that need to be highlighted within the context of the theme of the conference.

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