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Richard Day is a dynamic Professional Speaker, Corporate Facilitator and a successful Life and Business Coach and has been working within the Leadership, Business Management and Personal Development industry for twenty-five years, both nationally and internationally.

He has a Bachelor's Degree in Human Performance and a Diploma of Education and in the years after his graduation he worked with elite level sports athletes and teams as a sport conditioning specialist and an executive health coach in the corporate sector.

Over time, he became interested in strategies for the achievement of high level performance in the corporate sector and began working with executives and business leaders initially in the area of health management and then progressively in the area of leadership and team leadership.

Richard Day

Richard is the Managing Director of the “Life & Business Leadership Institute” and has been self-employed for 25 years.

The business specialises in topics relating to People, Passion and Performance. He consults broadly to small and medium sized businesses in the following areas: Leadership, Developing Business Visions, Success Coaching (Business and Life), Self Leadership (Time Mgt, Change Mgt, Stress Mgt and Health Mgt) and Developing Teams.

He has recently been featured in the book “Millionaire Coach” along with sixteen other leading Australian coaches and he has recently completed his own ebook on Leadership (“You-nification: How to Increase your Levels of Impact, Influence and Income”). 

His experience in the presentation design and structure of corporate and leadership seminars and programs and individual business success strategies has resulted in him presenting on these topics and others at International, National and State Conferences since 1989.

He is also a fully qualified MBTI (Myers Briggs) facilitator and uses 360-degree survey software to support his work with individuals and teams.

He is a member of the following professional associations: Australian Association of Exercise and Sports Science, International Coaching Federation, Australian & New Zealand Institute of Coaches as well as a member of the Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership.

He is also a registered licensee and coach of the Integrity and Values Personal Profile instrument which identifies personal and professional development opportunities for individual and team success.

This expertise allows him to offer a complete life and business-coaching consultancy for both business and individuals. He has consulted with many companies and organisations in these areas and is well aware of the importance of these skills in successful business management.

Richard has had extensive radio experience and has appeared on the following stations over a ten year period Radio 3UZ, Radio 3LO, Sport 927, Radio 3AW, Radio 3AK and SEN Sport speaking on issues of life and business leadership to a wide audience. He is also involved with the “Business Essentials” monthly audio program as a guest presenter on issues relating to Self-Leadership within business and life.

Richard also developed the Melbourne “Strike Team” a group of ten select individuals who meet once a month to develop both personally and professionally and to put something tangible back into the community.

Richard’s strong commitment to developing the leadership potential of adults and youth within Australia has seen him lead the Powerhouse Power2Lead program as well as the Rotary Youth Leadership Program which targets the 18-25 year olds who have leadership potential as identified by these organisations.

As a Speaker, Facilitator and Life & Business Coach, Richard inspires individuals, businesses and corporations to improve personal performance and productivity and it is this knowledge and his style that has made him such an inspiring, entertaining and motivating speaker and successful coach.

Richard Day

Bachelor of Human Movement (Human Performance)

Diploma of Education

Accredited Integrity and Values Coach

Level 1 Organisational Coaching

Level 2 Organisational Coaching

Level 3 Organisational Coaching

Member of International Coaching Federation

Member of the Australian & New Zealand Institute of Coaches

Member of Institute of Executive Coaches and Leadership

Member of the Australian Association of Exercise and Sport Scientists



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