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360 degree feedback is a powerful self and peer assessment method and a tool that provides each employee the opportunity to receive performance feedback from his or her supervisor and four to eight peers. Most 360 degree feedback tools also include a self assessment component.

The tool is completed online and then the results are sent directly to us at LBLI at which point we print the report and schedule a debrief appointment with the client to discuss.

The following people are requested to provide insights on the candidate in the 360 degree feedback process:

  • Candidate (Self)
  • Direct report team 5-8 ideally (Team individual leads)
  • Candidates direct report (Leader)

360 degree feedback allows each individual to understand how his effectiveness as an employee, co-worker, or staff member is viewed by others. The most effective 360 degree feedback processes provide feedback that is based on behaviors that other employees can see.

The feedback provides insight about the skills and behaviors desired in the organization to accomplish the vision, mission, values and importantly the goals and key deliverables of the individual in the role.

The purpose of the 360 degree feedback process is to assist each individual to understand his or her strengths and weaknesses, and to contribute insights into aspects of his or her work needing professional development. The results from the 360-degree feedback are often used by the person receiving the feedback to plan professional development opportunities and to become aware of any “blind spots”.

It is important to remember that there are no ‘good’ and ‘bad’ reports. There are simply areas in which you are strong and other areas in which you are not so strong which may need some extra attention. The report is simply a collection of perceptions, including your own, at a certain point in time in a particular workplace context. It does not represent an indisputable factual account of your performance. However good leaders do understand how they impact on others and are continually seeking ways to improve.

In closing, the major purpose of the 360-degree report is not to initiate overnight solutions but to increase awareness and assist you in planning your ongoing personal and professional development.

It is important to recognise that when there are ostensibly no ‘good’ and ‘bad’ reports.

The main focus areas of the 360-degree report that we use and promote are listed below:

  • Commercial Acumen
  • Communication
  • Developing Others
  • Leadership
  • Leading Change
  • People Focus
  • Personal Effectiveness
  • Planning and Organising
  • Results Focus
  • Teamwork

It is possible to personalise the 360 degree profile specifically for the organisation should you feel the need and this is done after detailed consultation with the client.

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